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What You Need to Know About Peptides

Peptides are some of the most widely used active ingredients in professional skin care. When we refer to peptides in skin care, we are talking about synthetic formulations that are developed in a lab to perform specific functions within the skin.

Peptides are natural biological messages, produced by the body, in order to communicate necessary tasks to be performed. Peptides are your body’s language and communication network. Each peptide, or message, is composed of a specific order of amino acids (the same building blocks of protein). There are many different amino acids and therefore millions of different combinations or messages that can be made out of them.

Different combinations of peptides can be created to treat the skin in a variety of ways.

Some of those peptides can promote healthy skin through initiating collagen production or another message to relax facial muscle contracts to help soften wrinkles.

As with most ingredients, in order for peptides to work within the skin they must be in a formula that penetrates well, is at an effective percentage, and is used consistently at home. Professional treatments that include peptides may give a temporary smoothing or soothing effect to the skin, but the real changes happen when clients use their products daily.